Amplify the Power of Giving

2015 Annual Report


Generous people, 700 funds,
each one with a passionate story
and desire to improve Hawaii.

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About Us

We help people make a difference by inspiring
the spirit of giving and investing in people and
solutions to benefit every island community.

A Message to Our Partners and Friends

To stay relevant in our 99th year of fulfilling the charitable wishes of individuals, families and businesses across Hawaii, we’ve had to change with the times.

That doesn’t mean simply adjusting to changes taking place ... it also means taking innovative approaches to problem solving and funding for issues that are a growing concern to the community. HCF’s initiatives and partnerships are addressing Hawaii’s challenges and creating long-term change.

HCF takes a strategic approach to identifying where generous givers and dedicated nonprofits can make the greatest impact for the people of Hawaii. Whether we’re working with individuals, families, organizations, or networks, the greatest value we can bring to those who have entrusted us with their resources is to amplify the power of their giving.

The difference we are making in this community demonstrates the impact of these collective efforts. Behind the more than $46 million HCF distributed across Hawaii in 2014 are remarkable stories about how giving has enhanced the lives of those in need and enriched the lives of those who give. Some of their stories are in this report.

Granted, many things have changed in the course of a century, and yet some things do not. It remains our privilege and our responsibility—as it has since 1916—to help people who do good, do greater.

Kelvin H. Taketa

President & CEO

Deborah K. Berger

Chair of the Board

2014 Highlights

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    $46.6 MILLION distributed to the community.

  • Icon-highlights-scholar

    1400 College students received over $4M in scholarships.

  • Icon-highlights-education

    931 HIGH-NEED middle school youth reached through our Connecting for Success program.

  • Icon-highlights-housing

    14 funders, $4M, 8 nonprofits = HousingASAP network to help homeless families

  • Icon-highlights-grants

    $4.2M in FLEX Grants awarded to over 160 high-performing organizations.

  • Icon-highlights-enviro

    Environmental Funders Group expanded from 7 to 15 members.

Who We Are

With nearly a century of experience, the Hawaii Community Foundation is a trusted, vital resource for Hawaii’s donors and nonprofits.

HCF is one of the largest and oldest community foundations in the nation. We share our knowledge and experience, and bring together people and organizations to help solve critical issues in our community. With our donors, clients and partners, we are a catalyst for creating a better Hawaii.

What We Promise

We amplify the power of giving.

We help

donors make the impact they’ve always wanted to.

We create

partnerships to tackle tough problems and build stronger communities.

We transform

people’s generosity into lasting change.

We share

a century of experience to make giving more effective.

We enhance

the lives of those in need and enrich the lives of those who give.

How We Help

We raise the level and effectiveness of philanthropy in Hawaii.

Experience Matters

With expertise and trust gained for over many decades, we raise the level and effectiveness of philanthropy in Hawaii.

Knowledge Matters

By sharing the experience we’ve accumulated over 99 years, we generate innovative research and solutions, and jointly approach tough problems facing Hawaii.

Connections Matter

We honor the passions of over 1,000 donors by helping them to connect with each other and make smart and meaningful giving decisions.

Scale Matters

With the largest grantmaking staff in Hawaii, we provide cost-effective stewardship for more than 700 funds and over $572 million in assets.

Relationships Matter

We work with estate planners, accountants and financial consultants to find the best charitable solutions for their clients.

Results Matter

By leveraging resources through partnerships and supporting high performing nonprofits to maximize their effectiveness, we create lasting benefits for our island communities.

Ways to Give

Philanthropy is a personal expression of who you are and what you care about.


Combining the resources of multiple funders toward a specific goal can leverage the benefits to the community.


The process of making charitable giving decisions as a family is a chance to share values and pass on a legacy of giving.


A legacy gift will have a long-lasting impact on a charity or cause that is important to you.


Businesses can support the community while achieving their own charitable goals.


With access to knowledge about community needs and causes, individuals can tailor their giving and maximize the impact of their gifts.

To learn more about the many ways to give through HCF, please visit

Our Impact

We want to live in a Hawaii where people
care about each other, our natural resources
and diverse island cultures ... a place where
people’s ideas, initiative and generosity
support thriving, responsible communities.

The Hawaii Community Foundation takes a strategic approach to identifying where, with our clients and partners, we can make the greatest impact for the people of Hawaii.

Each one of the initiatives and partnerships in which we engage starts by:

  • identifying the community’s highest priorities
  • establishing strategic goals for community change
  • charting a path for how activities will accomplish targeted objectives


As a partner, funder or convener, HCF works to deliver the greatest community impact by collaborating with community leaders, government and nonprofits with shared goals to create long-term change and benefit communities across the state. 



Recognizing that some of Hawaii’s toughest challenges require wide-angle solutions, and knowing that we can do more by working together than apart, the Hawaii Community Foundation is a catalyst for synergistic partnerships.


2014 Grant Summary

Last year, your collective generosity supported the community in these areas:

Areas of Interest Totals
Arts & Culture $4.2M
Community Development $4M
Business Development, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
Philanthropy & Volunteerism
Public Policy
Religion & Spiritual Development
Education & Youth $6.9M
Early Childhood Education
Youth Development
Environment $4.4M
Health $8.4M
Medical Research
Mental Health
Tobacco Cessation
Human Services $6.2M
Legal Services
Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief
Scholarships (HCF Funds & Contract Clients) $4.5M
Other $700k
Advancing Nonprofits
Science & Technology
Grand Total $39.3M*

To learn more about HCF, please visit

*Includes expenses related to the implementation of various programs and contracts. Does not include $7.3M in grants administered on behalf of private foundation and other clients.

The 2014 Distribution of Grants and Contracts, along with audited financial statements will be available after September 1, 2015.

In 2014, HCF distributed $46.6 million to the community from gifts made by our donors, clients and partners.


Our Givers

We are grateful to over 1,000 generous
individuals for partnering with HCF to create
lasting change in our communities.

Legacy Society

Planned gifts to the Hawaii Community Foundation have meaning and impact for years to come. Donors who remember HCF through a will, trust or other testamentary plan are invited to join the Legacy Society, recognizing this special form of lasting philanthropy.


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  • Anonymous (46)
  • Joanne Tanaka Acoba
  • Kathleen Ai
  • Rick Asbach
  • Molly Baher
  • Andy and Maureen Bates

  • Robert R. Bean
  • Katherine Bell and Thomas Blackburn

  • Wayne R. Benner
  • Ann Bernson
  • Barbara Bezdicek and Ray Mayron

  • Jennifer Bohlin
  • Susan Bradford
  • Tom and Chris Brayton

  • Catherine Capozzoli
  • Janis Casco
  • Lorinda Cheng-Arashiro
  • Archibald S.Y. and Patricia H. Cho

  • Timothy Y.C. Choy
  • Henry B. Clark, Jr.
  • William R.* and Carol J. Coops

  • Richard and Myrna Cundy

  • Paul Dahlquist
  • C. Frank Damon, Jr.
  • Larry and Anne Day

  • John* and Marti deBenedetti

  • Curt DeWeese

  • Andrew and Edith Don

  • Jon and Eleyne Fia

  • Keith A. Finkboner
  • Frances N. Frazier
  • Patsy K. Fujimoto
  • Jerrold and Niki Fuller

  • Alexander Gaston
  • Wanda Gereben
  • Leslie A. Granat
  • Marc W. Greenwell
  • Richard W. Gushman, II
  • Randolph Hack
  • Suzanne M. Hammer
  • Ronald J. Hays
  • David Heeney
  • Monica Heeney
  • Peter R.* and Theresa A. Heinze

  • Will J. Henderson
  • Roger M. Higa
  • James R. Hill
  • Laila F. Hoffmann
  • Sadao and Jean Honda

  • Thomas P. Huber
  • Grafton and Sue Jhung

  • Jennifer Joe
  • Leonard Kamp Jr. and Rebecca K.H.* Kamp

  • Robin Kaye
  • Gerald and Karen Keir

  • William G. and Karen M. Kemp

  • Nancy Kim
  • Diane M. Kimura
  • William J. King
  • Steven Kokubun
  • Ivor Kraft
  • Gerald W. Kwock
  • Jodi A. Lam
  • Jack and Chonita* Larsen

  • Chester P. Lau
  • Donald W.* and Bernadette Lau

  • Elvira T. Lee
  • Barbara T. Leeds
  • Violet S. Loo
  • Natalie Mahoney
  • Michael and Tomoko Malaghan

  • Makia K. Malo
  • Cora A. Manayan*
  • Paul Mancini
  • Harold J. and Inge Marcus

  • Michael J. McCabe
  • Joe* and Sandy McCleskey

  • Lynn P. McCrory
  • Robert R.* and Evanita S.* Midkiff

  • Sam Millington
  • Hazel Milnor
  • Sara A. Miura
  • Richard D. and Cheryl H. Moore

  • Richard S. Morris
  • Melvyn T. and Sadie D. Murakami

  • Lee Y Myers
  • Valery O’Brien
  • Janice C. Parrott

  • David and Kathleen Pellegrin

  • Diane Peterson
  • Jennie L. Phillips
  • Michael J. Quinn and Licia Lau

  • Alejandra Ramos

  • Henry E. Renteria
  • Earl G.* and Bettie S. Reque

  • Deborah Jeanne Sabin Rice
  • Rick and Claire Robinson

  • Michael and Kathleen Roeder

  • Jim R. Romig
  • Greg Sakaguchi

  • Eileen Sakai
  • Liane Sakai
  • Frank H. and Laura Mallery-Sayre

  • Marsha Schweitzer
  • Mary S. Sheridan
  • George C. and Nancy W. Slain

  • Kent R. and Polli Smith

  • G. William and Heather Snipes

  • Snorkel Bob Foundation
  • Perry and Sally Sorenson

    HCF’s Legacy Society members, Sally and Perry Sorenson, also established the Perry & Sally Sorenson Scholarship Fund for dependents of hospitality workers and for foster youth.

  • Peter Sparks and Clytie Mead

  • Virginia L. Squier
  • Jefferson and Patricia Stillwell

  • Michael P. and Carol Sullivan

  • Russell H. Taft

  • Yoko Tanaka
  • David A. and Virginia Thomas

  • John A. and Mary Karyl Thorne

  • Earl and Frances Tokumura

  • M. Yukie Tokuyama
  • Stan and Renee Tomono

  • Joseph C.* and Thelma W.* Tyler

  • Ann Marie Ventura

  • Totthi Vreedenburgh
  • Philip and Louise Wang

  • Kendall P. Watts
  • Gulab and Indru Watumull

  • Eldon L. Wegner
  • Sim Wenner
  • John Wythe White and Victoria Gail-White

  • Robert E.* and Karen K. White

  • Carol Yoshimura Yamada
  • Curtis & Sylvianne Yee

  • Duen Hsi Yen and Linda Takai

  • Beatrice Young


The following individuals, organizations, foundations, and trusts made contributions to the Hawaii Community Foundation valued at $1,000 or more in 2014. We also acknowledge the gifts of those donors who have requested to remain anonymous.

Foundations and Trusts
    • A
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    • E
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    • G
    • H
    • I
    • J
    • K
    • L
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    • Z
  • Anonymous (24)

  • Sam and Laurie Ainslie

  • Norman and Shirley Akita

  • William F. and Alberta M. Aldinger

  • Philip and Dorothy Allen

  • Harvey and Mei Allison

  • Joanna Amberger
  • Eric Anderson and Roger Beck

  • Seiji and Amy Aoyagi

  • Daniel B. Asher
  • Ken and Joy Au

  • Kathryn Au
  • Lora L. Ayers
  • Robert R. Bean

  • Robin Freeman Bernstein
  • Mary G.F. Bitterman
  • Ernest and Debra Blachowiak

  • James and Janet Bond

  • Kenneth and Laura Breitenbach

  • Michael Broderick
  • Michael and Joan Burke

  • James Burns and Emme Tomimbang

    Jim Burns & Emme Tomimbang recently established two funds at HCF: the Burns-Tomimbang Charitable Fund, and the Emme Tomimbang Education Fund that benefits students pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcast media. When asked why giving is so important to them, Emme replied, “We can’t take it with us. It’s important to leave it to organizations, like HCF, so others can continue their good work for generations to come.”

  • Dwight and Antoinette Bush

  • Michael and Liz Byrd

  • Carl and Christine Carlson

  • Benjamin J. and Vicky T. Cayetano

  • Gary Caulfield
  • Jean-Marc and Victoria Chapus

  • Wallace Chin
  • Timothy Y.C. Choy
  • Victor and Wendy Coleman

  • Vincent and Ginny Coviello

  • The Crown Family
  • Matt and Maggie Cwiertnia

  • Grace Czerwinski
  • H. Dwight Damon

  • Kent and Elizabeth Dauten

  • Bill and Sonja David

  • Larry and Anne Day

  • Francis and Susan DeLoria

  • Kimberly W. Dey
  • John H. Drouilhet and Sada Okumura

  • Patrick J. and Grace T. Duarte

  • Randall Farleigh and Denise Cook Farleigh

  • Gary and Debra Fournier

  • Jeff and Lotta Fox

  • Robert Fox and Nancy Mueller

  • Lisa Freeman
  • George B. Fry
  • Ryutaro and Akiko Fukamachi

  • David and Judy Fukuda

  • Stephen E. and Gloria J. Gainsley

  • Benjamin and Terri Garfinkle

  • Richard and Helen Gates

  • Darrin and Darien H. Gee

  • Stephen and Tamar Chotzen Goodfellow

  • B.J. Gottstein
  • Christiaan Grootaert
  • Elizabeth Rice Grossman
  • James W. and Priscilla A. Growney

  • Richard W. Gushman, II
  • Charles Haid and Lori Lethin

  • Robert S. Harrison
  • James J. and Honey Bun Haynes

  • Theresa A. Heinze
  • Cameron Hinman
  • Vernon and Gaynielle Hirata

  • Peter Ho
  • John and Jennifer Hoffee

  • Keith K. Horita
  • Paul Horner

    “I feel so blessed to be a part of helping students from Hawaii achieve their educational goals. The most rewarding part is reading through their applications and getting to know each individual’s personal challenges along with their commitment to succeed. It reassures me that our future is in good hands!”

    Paul Horner is a donor to the HCF Community Scholarship Fund, Neighbor Island Leadership Council member, and Scholarship Ambassador for Kauai.

  • Blake Howell
  • Kim Coco Iwamoto

  • John and Jacque Jarve

  • Ka Ning Jellison
  • Tyrie L. Jenkins
  • Ian and Margaret Joye

  • Ian and Alma Kagimoto

  • Donald Y. Kanagawa
  • Micah A. Kane
  • Daryl and Renee Katz

  • Donald and Joann Kawane

    Creating the Donald & Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund was “the pathway to fulfill our desire to give our lives significance” in the community. Through their donor advised fund at HCF, they are helping support the Koloa Jodo Mission which perpetuates the teachings of Buddhism and Japanese Culture on Kaua‘i’s south side.

  • Gerald and Karen Keir

  • Estelle M. Kelley
  • Nancy Kim
  • Richard and Kathryn Kimball

  • Bert A. Kobayashi, Sr.
  • Fred and Carolyn Koehnen

  • Paul Kosasa
  • L. William and L. Gay Krause

  • David and Mindy Kwon

  • Thomas & Elizabeth Laffont

  • Timothy Takaezu & Jodi A. Lam
  • Allan R. Landon
  • Carol Mon Lee
  • Margie A. Lee
  • Edith L. Leong
  • Sam and Pauline Leong

  • Edward C. Levy, Jr.
  • Robert and Catalina Lewis

  • Levani R. Lipton
  • Sheree Lipton
  • Andrew and Rebecca Logan

  • Patricia M. Loui
  • Kathy J. Lubar and George D. Kinder

  • Bryan Luke
  • Cathy Luke
  • Kevin J. Luke
  • Adele MacArthur

  • Paul C. and Cordelia D. MacLaughlin

  • Curtis Macnguyen and Sandy Le

  • Paul Mancini
  • Susan Freeman Mann
  • Dexter D. Mar and Faye Fujisaki Mar

  • Kaleen K. and Jason L. Martin

  • Colbert and Gail Matsumoto

  • Don Mattrick and Nanon de Gaspe Beaubien-Mattrick

  • JB and Susan McIntosh

  • Ron and Cindy McMackin

  • Richard E. and Lynn Meiers

  • Peter & Denise Merlone
  • Shayle Miller and Jin Soo Kim

  • Steve Millham and Ann-Ferrell Millham

  • Susan K. Miura
  • Tad T. Miura
  • Paul Mizoguchi
  • Phyllis Moldaw
  • Art and Stephanie Morris

  • Helen Muir Milby
  • Glenn K. Muranaka
  • Hirofumi and Mayuri Nakato

  • John and Donna O’Connell, Jr.

  • Pierre and Pam Omidyar

  • Paul and Sandy Otellini

  • Carl D. and Mary Jane Panattoni

  • Moon Soo and Marilyn Park

  • Robert and Renee Parsons

  • Gary Passon and Charlene Schulenburg

  • Honey Pavel
  • Nicholas H. Pechin
  • Mike and Diane Prohoroff

  • Henry E. Renteria

  • Thomas S. and Marilyn L. Reppun

  • Katherine G. Richardson
  • Joyce E. Romero
  • Dan Rose
  • Judith K. Sakaguchi

  • Charlie and Leann J. Sander

  • Paul Sarkis and Sarah Isenberg

  • Israel Savitzky
  • Bill and Cheri Schoolcraft

  • Andy Schwartz and Suzie Hayes-Schwartz

  • Mark and Lynda Schwartz

  • Roxanne Scott and Randy Omel

  • T. Raymond and Betsy Sekiya

  • Sharon Shigekawa
  • Vincent and Alison Shigekuni

  • Marco Silva
  • Ron and Sandi Simon

  • Mary Spadaro
  • Kathleen M. Spalding
  • Hannah Springer
  • Elizabeth Steele
  • David and Karen Stoutemyer

  • Judy Swanson
  • Donald Takaki, Sr.

  • Mikako Takemura
  • Kelvin H. and Janice H. Taketa

  • Bob Tang
  • Barry K. Taniguchi
  • Frank and Joan Thomas

  • John and Sandra Thompson

  • William S. and Nancy Thompson

  • John A. & Mary Karyl Thorne
  • Peter and Carrie Tilton

  • Stan & Renee Tomono
  • Diane L. Treskon
  • Ricardo D. Trimillos
  • Patsy A. Uehara

  • Blair Ushijima
  • Stephan Vermut

  • Robert & Mary Vihon
  • Herbert S. Watanabe

  • Kendall P. Watts
  • Damaris Wescott
  • Karen K. White
  • Ross Wilson, Jr. & Deborah Baker
  • Stanton S.T. Wong
  • Sue L. Wong
  • Don & Dolly Woolley
  • Ronald K. Yamada

  • Helene Yamase
  • Eric K. Yeaman
  • Leatrice Yokoyama
  • Sylvia Y. Yuen & Harold S. Masumoto
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  • Organizations
  • 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans
  • 1250 Oceanside Partners, LLC
  • Anonymous (2)

  • American Savings Bank
  • Aloha United Way
  • Association of University Women Honolulu Branch
  • BAE Systems Shared Services Inc.

  • Candon, Todd & Seabolt, LLC

  • Cassidy & Associates, Inc.
  • Catrala – Hawaii, Inc.
  • Central Pacific Bank
  • Chevron Products Company
  • Clark Realty Corporation
  • CMGRP, Inc.
  • Eye Productions Inc.

  • F. Koehnen, Ltd.

  • First Wind Energy, LLC
  • Foodland Super Market, Ltd.
  • German Benevolent Society of Honolulu, Inc.

    The German Benevolent Society of Honolulu established a scholarship in October 2014.

    (L to R) Alexander Meimer, Treasurer; Kathleen Gartrell, Secretary; Robert Olstrem Jr., President; Skippy Sweet, Vice President; Edward Roy Cruikshank, Board Member.

  • Grace Pacific Corporation
  • Group 70 International, Inc.
  • Hale Kauai, Ltd.

  • Hawaii County Medical Society

  • Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.
  • Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters

  • Hawaii Tourism Authority

  • Hawaiian Electric Company
  • Hawaiian Electric Industries
  • Honolulu Board of Realtors
  • Honolulu Star-Advertiser
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries
  • Kahala Nui Senior Living Community, Inc.

  • Kalihi Education Coalition
  • Kawehiokalani, Inc.
  • Kaws Inc.
  • Kobayashi Group, LLC
  • KTA Super Stores
  • Laborers’ International Union of North America

  • M. Miura Store, Inc.

  • Matson Navigation Company
  • Maui Soda & Ice Works, Inc.
  • Maui Varieties, Ltd.
  • Meadow Gold Dairies – Hawaii
  • N.F. Kawakami Store, Ltd.

  • NOAA Restoration Center
  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs

  • Paradise Cove

  • PRSA-Hawaii Chapter
  • Pulama Lanai

  • Red Ohia, LLC

  • Retina Associates of Hawaii, Inc.

  • S Yokoyama, Inc.

  • Saiva Siddhanta Church
  • Saltchuk Resources, Inc.
  • Sause Bros., Inc.
  • Seven-Eleven Hawaii, Inc.
  • Sleeping Giant Realty, Inc.
  • State of Hawaii – Dept. of Accounting & General Services

  • The Filipino Community Center, Inc.

  • The Madden Corporation
  • The MAK Group, LLC
  • The Specialists, LLC
  • Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory Corporation
  • Transportation Institute
  • Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council
  • Young Brothers, Ltd.

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  • Foundations and Trusts
  • Alcy D. Johnson Trust

  • Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
  • Atherton Family Foundation
  • Bandel & Paula Carano Trust

  • Bank of Hawaii Foundation
  • Barbara S. McDonagh Trust
  • Barbi & Larry Weinberg Fund, Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles
  • Bartz Marr Family Foundation
  • Bobbie & Mike Wilsey Fund, The San Francisco Foundation
  • Bradley Family Foundation, American Endowment Foundation
  • Brett & Danielle White Fund, Santa Barbara Foundation
  • C. N. Wodehouse Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund Trust

  • Central Pacific Bank Foundation
  • Charles & Helen Schwab, Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Chong Sun Kim Revocable Living Trust
  • Clements Charitable Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Colbert & Gail Matsumoto, Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Cooke Foundation, Ltd.
  • Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation
  • Dolores Abramson Revocable Living Trust

  • Donald Lee & Sally Steadman Lucas Foundation
  • Dorot Fund, Combined Jewish Philanthropies
  • Alvin & Monica Saake Foundation
  • DSEA Wong Foundation
  • Egon & Abigail Durban, Ayco Charitable Foundation

  • Estate of Mary Kruse
  • F. S. & Mary Lyman Trust

  • Falls Run Family Foundation
  • Faye Fujisaki Mar Trust
  • Fenton Family Foundation
  • Filipino Nurses Foundation
  • Flanagan Family Foundation
  • Frank & Katherine Woodford Memorial Trust
  • Frank Moya Charitable Foundation, Inc
  • G. Douglas & Michele S. Dillard, Vanguard Charitable

  • Garland Westfall Estate
  • George Mason Revocable Trust
  • Gerrit R. Ludwig, RLTD
  • Gib & Susan Myers, Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Goldsmith Family Foundation III
  • Grove Farm Foundation
  • Hamamura Charitable Fund, American Endowment Foundation

  • Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
  • Hauoli Mau Loa Foundation

  • Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation
  • Hazen Family Foundation
  • Heidrich Fund, Silicon Vally Community Foundation
  • Herbert C. Shipman Foundation
  • Ishiyama Foundation

  • Jack L. Stahley Trust

  • Jacquelyn Johnson Trust
  • James H. Greene Jr. Fund, Greene Van Arsdale Foundation
  • JBD Fund, Marin Community Foundation
  • John & Marcia Goldman Fund, Jewish Community Federation
  • Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation
  • Karsh Family Foundation

  • Kilgo Charitable Trust
  • Koaniani Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Lahainaluna High School Foundation

  • Leslie Granat Foundation
  • Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund
  • Lott Foundation
  • Lyles Foundation
  • Mackenzie Family Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

  • Magaro Family Foundation
  • Mannette L. Bock Irrevocable Trust
  • Margaret Ushijima Revocable Living Trust
  • Marisla Foundation
  • Mary Wentworth Deering Trust
  • McInerny Foundation
  • Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
  • Nadine N. Moseley Foundation

  • Ogawa Family Trust

  • Onaway Island Fund, The San Francisco Foundation
  • Pablo J. Salame, Goldman Sachs Gives

  • Parker Ranch Foundation Trust
  • Parks Family Foundation
  • Paul & Elle Stephens Family Fund, Marin Community Foundation
  • Philippine Nurses of Hawaii Foundation

  • Prisanlee Trust
  • Richard O. Aadland Estate

  • Robert & Andrea McTamaney, Goldman Sachs Gives
  • Robert E. Black Memorial Trust
  • Rose Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Sacharuna Foundation

  • Safeway Foundation
  • Sidney E. Frank Foundation
  • Snyder Charitable Foundation
  • Snyder Family Foundation
  • Stracke Joint Revocable Trust
  • Stupski Foundation
  • Sykes Family Foundation
  • The A.C. Kobayashi Family Foundation

  • The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • The Biel Fund, Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
  • The Bill Healy Foundation
  • The Charles Engelhard Foundation
  • The Davidow Family Foundation
  • The Dorrance Family Foundation
  • The Estate of Stanley Izumigawa
  • The Freeman Foundation
  • The Frost Family Foundation
  • The Gary & Jean Shekhter Grants Fund, Jewish Community Foundation San Diego
  • The Hoak Foundation
  • The Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund
  • The Johnson Family Foundation
  • The Julia Burke Fund
  • The Kresge Foundation
  • The Melani & Rob Walton Fund, Walton Family Foundation, Inc.
  • The Michelson Foundation
  • The Roberts Foundation
  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
  • Thomas & Janet Montag Family Foundation
  • Tony Group Foundation
  • Unbound Philanthropy

  • Van Konynenburg Foundation

  • Van Scoyoc Family Charitable Fund
  • Vermut Family Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund
  • Weissman Family Foundation, Inc.

  • Yokouchi Foundation

  • Zierk Family Foundation

Charitable Funds

Hawaii Community Foundation offers a wide range of funds to provide maximum flexibility to meet the philanthropic goals of our clients and the needs of our community.

New funds in bold


***scholarships and community grants

Unrestricted Funds
These funds have the greatest potential to respond to new and emerging needs in our community. Donors give full discretion to Hawaii Community Foundation’s Board of Governors to authorize grants that provide the greatest impact.
Donor Advised Funds
These funds are charitable vehicles that allow donors maximum flexibility to recommend grants to benefit the community. Donors are free to focus on the rewards of giving while the Hawaii Community Foundation manages the administrative details.
Designated Funds
These funds were endowed by individuals and organizations to ensure that their charities of choice would continue. In each case, the contributor selected one or more nonprofit organizations to benefit from the grants for as long as the charities exist.
Field of Interest Funds
These funds are created by contributors who stipulate that grants be made in a particular field, or to benefit a certain group of people. This type of fund assures the flexibility to adjust to future changes. The organizations or charities serving that field may change, merge or cease to exist, yet the need may continue.
Scholarship Funds
Private foundations, individuals, businesses, and organizations create these funds to assist Hawaii residents in achieving their educational goals.
Contract Services
Hawaii Community Foundation partners with the following clients to support their community grantmaking
 and/or scholarships.
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  • Andrew & Estelle Schustek Fund

  • Arneil Petrie Tout Fund
  • Barbara Cox Anthony Memorial Fund

  • Board of Governors Fund
  • Burkland Family Fund
  • Busjaeger Fund
  • Charlotte M. Florine Fund

  • Community Needs Fund (Discretionary General Fund)

  • Dorothea Helene Flint Fund
  • Eleanor & T. Dudley Musson Fund

  • James Ward Russell, Jr. Fund

  • John & Sandy Linville Fund
  • Lowell Dillingham Fund

  • Margaret Chang Fund

  • Margaret Ushijima Fund

  • Mr. & Mrs. Frederick K. Makino Memorial Fund
  • Peter C. Statler Fund

  • Thomas & Mary Litaker Memorial Fund

  • Victoria S. Geist Fund

  • William & Edna Howe Fund

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  • Donor Advised
  • Agne Family Fund

  • Aina-Nalu Charitable Fund
  • Alfred M. Masini Charitable Fund
  • Ananda Fund Hawaii

  • Anderson-Beck Kokua a Ulu Fund
  • Andrew & Edith Don Fund
  • Aspect Technology Fund
  • Carol & Raymond Mori Charitable Fund

  • Carole Sheridan Memorial Fund
  • Carranza Ohana Fund

  • Central Pacific Bank Community Endowment Fund
  • C.H.A.N.G.E. Fund
  • Chevron Education Fund
  • Chris & Melissa Ching Benjamin Fund
  • Clark Realty Corporation Community Fund
  • Colleen Sullivan Fund
  • Community Housing Fund
  • D. Lau Family Fund

  • D. Otani Produce Charitable Fund
  • Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Fund
  • Daniel M. Browne-Sanchez Fund
  • Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Fund
  • Darrin & Darien Gee Family Fund
  • David & Kathleen Pellegrin Fund
  • David McEwan, M.D. Charitable Fund
  • Deviants from the Norm Fund
  • Donald and Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund

    Creating the Donald & Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund was “the pathway to fulfill our desire to give our lives significance” in the community. Through their donor advised fund at HCF, they are helping support the Koloa Jodo Mission which perpetuates the teachings of Buddhism and Japanese Culture on Kaua‘i’s south side.

  • Dr. Philip Liu Fund For Medical Education

  • Dr. Ric for Education, Arts & Culture Fund
  • Dwayne & Marti Steele Fund
  • Economic Opportunity Fund

  • Economy Plumbing & Sheet Metal, Inc & Matsuzaki Family Fund
  • Edith Wilhelmina Sherock Fund
  • Edward J. & Norma Doty Charitable Fund
  • Eileen A. Sakai Fund

  • El Arco Iris Fund
  • Elizabeth K. Bell Molokai Mission Fund

  • Elli Kupke Fund
  • Emergency Group Fund
  • Emme Tomimbang Education Fund
  • Eunice Chun Chinese Language Fund
  • Florence Iwamoto Kauai Fund

  • Foodland Community Fund
  • Fred & Mary Weyand Fund
  • Freeman Family Fund
  • Frost Family Fund
  • Fujieki Family Foundation Fund
  • Garrett D. Bordenave Memorial Fund

  • George C. & Nancy Wright Slain Fund
  • George Mason Fund
  • Gerry & Karen Keir Fund

  • Gloria Kosasa Gainsley Fund
  • Goodale Family Fund
  • Gordon Russell Fund
  • Group 70 Foundation Fund
  • Growney Family Fund
  • GuavaGar Westfall Charitable Fund
  • Hale Uluwehi Kauai Fund

  • Hapa Fund
  • Hawaii Life Charitable Fund

  • Hawaii Affiliates of Sotheby’s International Realty Charitable Fund

  • Hawaii Pizza Hut Literacy Fund
  • Hawaii’s Future Fund

  • Hawktree International/Donald M. Takaki Fund
  • Hawktree International/Takaki Family Fund
  • Hilton & Maria Acacio Unemori Fund
  • Hisa & Fukutaro Kawakami Fund

  • Hoku Corporation Fund
  • Honolulu Board of Realtors Housing Fund
  • Iliili Fund

  • Jack’s Fund

  • Jacqueline J. H. Bean Memorial Fund
  • James & Helen Gary Charitable Fund
  • James C. Shingle Family Fund
  • Jane C. Wong Fund
  • Jay Lee Divine Mercy Fund

  • J.C. Earle Family Fund
  • Jenai & Roger Wall Family Fund
  • Jim & Lynn Lally Family Fund
  • Joanne Holmes Shigekane Fund
  • John & Allison Lyles Fund

  • John Huey Drouilhet & Sada Okumura Fund

  • John Wythe White & Victoria Gail-White’s Left Wing Right Brain Fund
  • Jose L. Romero Memorial Fund
  • Kagimoto Family Fund

  • Kahiau Foundation Fund
  • Kangi Fund
  • Karen & David Stoutemyer Charitable Fund
  • Karen Chandler & Chris Grootaert Fund

  • Kauai Aloha Endowment Fund

  • Kauai Children’s Environmental Education Fund

  • Kawakami Family Fund
  • Kawakami Family of Captain Cook Fund
  • Ke Au Hou Fund, Hawaii’s Youth Millenium Fund

  • Kekumuola Fund
  • Kent & Polli Smith
  • Family Fund
  • Kevin Kaiea Pavel Memorial Fund

  • Kitty & Buzz Wo Family Fund
  • Koa Fund
  • Koaniani Fund
  • Kosasa Family Fund
  • Krucky Ohana Fund

  • Kulamanu Charitable Fund
  • Kunimoto Family Fund
  • Lani Moo Fund

  • Laura & Dallas Smith Family Fund
  • Lee Bentley Shinn Family Fund
  • Leonard and Rose Freeman Family Fund

    This past year, the daughters of Leonard Freeman, creator of the television show Hawaii Five-0, started the Leonard and Rose Freeman Family Fund at HCF. “Our father was devoted to writers and artists, as are we. Every artist needs to have a foundation so they can discover their own process without the constant stress and trauma of financial concerns. This fund enables real art to germinate from the heart.

    (L to R)  Robin Freeman Bernstein, Lisa Freeman and Susan Freeman Mann.

  • Leonora & Joseph Wee Fund
  • Leslie Kiaremohalamoe Granat & Kalehuapuakeakapilihau Fund

  • Lima Kokua Fund
  • Linda & Steven Marquis Fund
  • Livable Communities Fund
  • Live Aloha Fund
  • Luke Family Fund
  • Makaio Fund

  • Malama Kipahulu Fund
  • Margaret & John Ushijima Fund
  • Marisla Fund
  • Marjorie Waterhouse Watts Reading Enhancement Grant-Koloa School Fund
  • Maui Varieties, Ltd. Family Fund
  • Mervin K. Cash Memorial Fund
  • Michael & Tomoko Malaghan Fund
  • Milton & Henrietta Kushkin Fund
  • Moonbow Fund
  • Moonglow Fund
  • Morimoto & Nishioka Family Fund
  • Muffles Fund
  • Muriel Macfarlane Flanders Fund
  • Muriel Osborne Hawaii Tennis Fund

  • Na Oiwi Kane Fund

  • Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga Education Fund
  • Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga Family Fund
  • Nakila & Marti Steele Family Fund
  • Nancy Sloggett Goodale Fund
  • N.F. Kawakami, H.S. Kawakami, & M. Furugen Fund
  • Nikhil Dadlani Keiki Fund
  • Omidyar Charitable Fund

  • Omidyar Global Fund
  • Omidyar Ohana Fund

  • Pacific Medical Administrative Group Endowment Fund

  • Pahiki Nui Fund
  • Patrick J. Sullivan Fund
  • Paul C. T. & Violet Shaw Loo Fund
  • Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund
  • Phillip & Gerry Wong Ching Family Fund
  • Prisby Geist Charitable Fund
  • Quack Moore Music Fund

  • Rapozo Kamaaina Fund

  • Rapozo Parallel Friends Fund
  • REC Fund – CTKC
  • REC Fund – MCC
  • REC Fund – RCL
  • Richard Q.Y. & Esther A. Wong Fund
  • Richard T. Mamiya Charitable Foundation Fund
  • Robert & Arlene Iwamoto Fund
  • Robert R. & Jacqueline J.H. Bean Fund #2
  • Sananikone-Le Khac Fund

  • Schulenburg Passon Community Fund

  • Scott & Marla Himeda Fund
  • Sea Salts of Hawaii Fund

  • Serendipity II Fund
  • Sharon Weiner Fund
  • Sheridan C.F. Ing Fund
  • Sheridan Fund
  • Single Fin Fund
  • Sophie DeLoria Foundation Fund
  • Spencer Johnson Fund
  • Spoehr Family Fund
  • Stan Czerwinski Education Fund
  • Stanley & Renee Tomono Family Fund
  • Starlit Walk Future Fund
  • Stefanie C. & Keith K. Horita Foundation Fund
  • Steve & Gloria Gainsley Fund

  • Stupski Family Fund
  • Susan M. Kosasa Fund
  • Suzie Hayes-Schwartz & Andy Schwartz Family Fund
  • Takenaka Kauai Community Fund

  • Takenaka Kauai Cultural & Environmental Fund

  • Taketa Family Fund
  • Taketa Ohana Fund

  • The Haynes Family Fund

  • Thomas & Mi Kosasa Fund
  • Timothy Takaezu & Jodi Lam Fund

  • Timothy Y.C. Choy Fund
  • Tommy Holmes Foundation Fund
  • Tony Group Foundation Fund

  • Tony Quagliano International Poetry Fund
  • Tsai Family Charitable Fund
  • UHA Foundation Fund

  • Ulupono Fund
  • Victims of Violent Crimes in Hawaii Fund

  • Wag More Bark Less Fund

  • Waikiki Wahine Fund
  • Walk the Talk Fund
  • Wesley R. & Phyllis E. Segawa Family Fund
  • When the Mainstream Runs Dry Fund
  • William R. & Carol J. Coops Charitable Fund
  • Yamada Scott Family Fund

  • Zachary Fujisaki Mar Foundation Fund

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  • Designated
  • A.P. Sereno Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • A.S. Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Adrienne Wong Toyozaki Fund
  • Alberta E. Brown Fund
  • Aloha Pride Center Endowment Fund
  • Aloha Temple Patient Transportation Fund
  • Aloha United Way Endowment Trust Fund
  • Amelia Gaston Fund
  • American Red Cross Endowment Fund
  • Anna B. Lindemann Fund
  • Annette Tyler North Fund
  • Atherton Fund
  • Aunt Maggie Monteiro Orphan Fund
  • Bobby Benson Center Endowment Fund

  • Brilly & Richard Akeroyd Fund
  • Brodhead Family Scholarship Fund
  • Brownee Brown Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
  • Burns-Tomimbang Charitable Fund

    Jim Burns & Emme Tomimbang recently established two funds at HCF: the Burns-Tomimbang Charitable Fund, and the Emme Tomimbang Education Fund that benefits students pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcast media. When asked why giving is so important to them, Emme replied, “We can’t take it with us. It’s important to leave it to organizations, like HCF, so others can continue their good work for generations to come.”

  • Carl K. Mirikitani Memorial Fund

  • Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #1
  • Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #2
  • Charles & Helen P. Bishop Fund
  • Chas Fisher Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Chonita & Jack Larsen Fund
  • Christian Bosse Fund
  • Clara T. Nakahara Fund
  • Clifford Kimball Memorial Fund
  • Cyril O. Smith Fund
  • David & Frances Tatman Heifer Project International

  • Diamond Head Theatre Fund
  • Don Smith Fund
  • Donald & Astrid Monson Community Action Fund
  • Doo Wook Choy & Helen Nahm Choy Fund
  • Dora R. Isenberg Molokoa Fund
  • Dorothy Duniway Fund
  • Edmond & Mildred Ayling Fund

  • Edward M. Ehrhorn Entomological Scholarship Fund
  • Edwin T. & Leilani Kam Scholarship Fund
  • Elizabeth Flora Deinert Fund
  • Elizabeth Leithead Fund
  • Elma F. Taylor Fund
  • Elmer K. Keao Fund
  • Ernest ‘Tommy’ Hayden & Harriett ‘Rusty’ Jean Thomas Fund
  • Esther McClure Stubblefield Designated Fund
  • Eva H. Webb Fund
  • Francis Y.C. & Julia W. Dang Endowment Fund

  • Franklin Benjamin Wells Fund fbo Public Television
  • Friends of Diamond Head Fund
  • Friends of Princess Victoria Kaiulani School Fund

  • Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Designated Fund

  • George & Betty Stracke Charitable Fund

  • George Howe Farnsworth Fund
  • George Reynold Carter Fund
  • Grace K.J. Abernethy Fund
  • Grandma’s Christian Elementary Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Gwendolen B. Dekum Fund
  • Hana Community Endowment Fund

  • Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii Endowment Fund

  • Hawaii Nature Center Fund

  • Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Loa College Fund

  • Hawaii Public Television Endowment Fund

  • Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus Fund

  • Hawaiian Legacy Foundation Fund
  • HIKI NO Fund
  • Historic Preserves of Hawaii Fund

  • Holy Innocents Episcopal Church Endowment Fund
  • Hon Chew Hee Art Fund
  • Honolulu Symphony Society Fund
  • Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin Fund

  • Horne Family Fund
  • Irene Ii Holloway Fund

  • Ivena M. Ziegenhein Fund
  • Jack & Marie Lord Fund

  • Jack & Marie Lord Fund #2
  • Jack & Marie Lord LP Fund
  • Jacquelyn & Alcy Johnson Memorial Fund
  • James & Ruth Tottori Fund
  • Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund – Temple Emanu-El
  • John & Dorothy Baird Fund
  • John & Roberta Garcia Fund
  • John E. Loomis – YMCA Fund
  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship in History Fund
  • John Melvin (Jack) Abramson Fund

  • Josie & Don Over Comedy Fund
  • Josie & Don Over Dance Fund
  • Josie & Don Over Memorial Fund
  • Julia Waterhouse Rodenhurst Fund
  • June Olson Fund
  • Kapalua Maui Charities Endowed Scholarship for Lahainaluna High School Fund

  • Katherine Hopper Livingston Fund
  • Katherine H. Wery Fund

  • Kathryn LaRue Saunders HUGS Endowment Fund
  • Kauai’s Hindu Monastery Fund

  • Kihachiro J. Hotta Fund
  • Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Friends of the Lahainaluna Library Fund

  • Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Scholarship
  • Laura D. Sherman Fund
  • Leadership Kauai Endowment Fund

  • Leahi Endowed Pulmonary Chair Fund

  • Lenore & Chester O’Brien Fund
  • Leon J. Rhodes Fund
  • Leonilda Kekuewa Chang Fund
  • Louis Asing Fund
  • Madelyn Ross Fund

  • Margaret Zane Bruhn Designated Fund
  • Marie Kohli Fund
  • Mary & Paul Wagner Charitable Fund
  • Mary Sanford-Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society Fund
  • Mary Wilson Crawford Fund
  • Maui Academy of Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
  • Maybelle F. Roth Fund
  • Maybelle F. Roth Research Prize in Conservation Biology Fund
  • Mental Health Association in Hawaii Endowment Fund

  • Minnie P. Cuthbertson Fund
  • Monsignor Benedict M. Vierra Fund
  • Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Fund

  • Pacific Century Fellows Endowment Fund

  • Parker & Bernieri Fund for Leahi Hospital

  • Peter C.P. Char Memorial Fund
  • Prisanlee Fund
  • Ralph K. Nakamura Kupuna Support Fund

  • Rebecca Carter Fund
  • Robert Blaine Thomas Fund
  • Robert Chalmers Memorial Fund
  • Robert E.L. Brooks Fund
  • Roy Hideyuki Sako Memorial Fund
  • Royal Hawaiian Band Sick Benefit Fund
  • Rudolph Sylva Scholarship Fund
  • Salvation Army-Hawaii Fund

  • Sekiya of Fukuoka/Hawaii Endowment Fund

  • Shigeru & Toyoko Ichiki Fund
  • Susan Mahn Fund
  • Takenaka Kauai Healthcare Fund

  • Takuji Hayashi, M.D. Memorial Research Fund
  • The Haus Fund
  • Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund
  • Thz Fo Farm Fund
  • Vincent & Katherine Neal Memorial Fund

  • Virginia Pearson Ransburg Fund
  • Wallace Rider Farrington Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Walt Whitman Fund
  • Walter & Cathy Scott Memorial Fund
  • William M. & Violet M. Borges Designated Fund
  • William Robert Wickland Fund
  • William S. Richardson Fund
  • Yasuko Mitsuyasu New Year’s Day Meal Fund

  • Yuen-Masumoto IHS Endowment

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  • Field of Interest
  • 4Charity Fund
  • ABC Stores Kauai Charitable Fund

  • Abraham & Annie Lau Children’s Fund
  • Adrienne Wong Toyozaki Fund
  • Alan M. Krassner Fund
  • Albert T. Koenen Fund
  • Alice M.G. Soper Fund
  • Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik Geiger Fund
  • Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund
  • Arthur Lawrence Mullaly Fund
  • Baciu Cultural Fund

  • Bernice & Conrad von Hamm Fund
  • Cecil G. Marshall Fund
  • Chia-Ling Chang Endowment in Memory of Dr. Fred I. Gilbert Jr.
  • Community Restoration Partnership Fund

  • Community Stabilization Initiative Fund
  • Convening Fund – Casey
  • Convening Fund – Kellogg
  • Convening Fund – Packard
  • County of Kauai Fund

  • Daniel K. Inouye Institute Fund

  • Doc Buyers Fund
  • Dr. Albert C.K. Chun-Hoon Fund
  • DREAM Fund

  • East Hawaii Fund

  • Ellen Ashton Fund
  • Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund
  • Environment Fund
  • Esther McClure Stubblefield Fund
  • Ewa Beach Community Fund

  • First Wind Community Fund

  • Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Fund

  • George J. Henritzy Memorial Fund
  • Gerbode/HCF Fellows Program
  • Gwenfread Elaine Allen Fund
  • Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Fund for Family Literacy

  • Harry Hewitt Fund for Advancement & Improvement of Justice
  • Hartwell & Rebecca Carter Fund
  • Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund

  • Hawaii Island Fund

  • Hawaii Tobacco Prevention & Control Trust Fund

  • Hawaii Tourism Authority Fund

  • Henry A. Zuberano Early Education Fund
  • Henry Kuualoha & Muriel Roselani Giugni Fund

  • Honouliuli Preserve Management Fund
  • Hokulia Community Fund

  • Ingeborg v.F. McKee Fund

  • Innovation Fund
  • Irving L. Singer Fund
  • Jack L. Stahley Fund

  • James & Winifred Robertson Memorial Fund
  • Jean I. Fennimore Fund
  • Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund
  • Jerry James Bigansky Fund
  • Jessie D. Kay Memorial Fund
  • John A. Burns School of Medicine Alumni Association Fund
  • June Ann Kirkpatrick Fund
  • June Olson Fund
  • Ka Papa O Kakuhihewa Fund

  • Kahuku Community Fund
  • Kamp Fund
  • Kauai Island Fund

  • Kay A. Edwards Memorial Library Charitable Trust Fund
  • Kendall Palmer Watts Fund
  • Kitaro Watanabe Fund
  • Kresge Foundation Fund
  • Kukio Cummunity Fund

  • Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund

  • Leadership Initiative Fund
  • Leahi Fund to Treat & Prevent Pulmonary Disease

  • Lanai Community Benefit Fund

  • Leslie S. King Fund
  • Lillian K. Wilder Fund
  • Mannette Bock Fund

  • Margaret Zane Bruhn Fund
  • Mary & Paul Wagner Blindness Prevention Fund
  • Maui Quarantine Fund
  • Maui Nui Community Fund
  • May Templeton Hopper Fund
  • Minnie K. Fund
  • Myrna Lian & Richard Lee Cundy Fund
  • Natural Resources Conservation Endowment Fund

  • Next Generation Coalition Fund
  • NOAA Partnership Fund
  • Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
  • Weissman Family Foundation
  • North Kauai Fund

  • Oio Fund

  • Oscar & Rosetta Fish Speech Therapy Fund
  • Oscar L. & Ernestine H. Armstrong Advised Fund
  • Paka Fund

  • Parks Family Foundation Fund
  • Pathways to Resilient Communities Fund
  • Pikake Fund
  • Pillars of Peace Fund
  • Public-Private Partners for Literacy Trust Fund
  • Quality of Life Fund

  • Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund

  • Richard Aadland Fund

  • Richard Smart Fund
  • Ritchie McGregory Fund
  • Robert C. & Helen F. Nichols Fund
  • Robert C. Perry Fund
  • Robert Emens Black Fund
  • Robert R. Midkiff Fund
  • Sadamitsu, Milly, Fred & Leatrice Yokoyama Fund

  • Shirley Ann Stringer-Heller Fund

  • Stein Family Fund

    A 27-year resident of south Kona, Barbara “Rachel” McDonagh was a lifelong learner, a teacher of elementary school children in West Hawai‘i, and a talented artist. To memorialize her love of her parents Louis and Francis Stein and provide education and arts opportunities to the Kona community she created both the Stein Family Scholarship and Stein Family Fund through a generous bequest. The first scholarships and grants will be awarded in 2015.

  • Tad & Margaret Miura Fund

  • Tai Up Yang Fund
  • Theodore A. Vierra Fund
  • Technology Transformation Fund
  • Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Molokai Education Fund

  • THINK Fund

  • Traut Carson Fund
  • Virginia & Colin Lennox Botanical Research Trust Fund

  • West Hawaii Fund

  • William M. & Violet M. Borges Fund

  • Wilson P. Cannon Fund
  • Women’s Fund Endowment
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  • Scholarship
  • 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Stanley Izumigawa Scholarship Fund

  • 2200 Educational Scholarship Fund
  • A&B Ohana Scholarship Fund

  • AAUW Honolulu Branch Education Fund

  • ABC Stores Jumpstart Scholarship Fund
  • Albert & Dorothy Shigekuni Scholarship Fund
  • Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik Geiger Scholarship Fund
  • Alma White – Delta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship Fund
  • Ambassador Minerva Jean Falcon Hawaii Scholarship

  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Honolulu Chapter Scholarship Fund in Memory of Jane Suganuma
  • American Savings Bank Scholars Program
  • Anthony Alexander, Andrew Delos Reyes & Jeremy Tolentino Memorial Fund
  • Arthur Jackman Scholarship Fund
  • Bal Dasa Scholarship Fund

  • Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund

  • Barbara Leppe Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Bick Bickson Scholarship Fund
  • Blossom Kalama Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Booz Allen Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Camille C. Chidiac Fund

  • Candon, Todd & Seabolt Scholarship Fund
  • Castle & Cooke George W.Y. Yim Scholarship Fund
  • Castle & Cooke Mililani Technology Park Scholarship Fund
  • Cayetano Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Catrala – Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Celeste Hayo Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Chinn Ho Scholarship Fund
  • Community Scholarship Fund
  • Cora Aguda Manayan Fund
  • CPB Works For You Scholarship Fund
  • Craig D. Newnan Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • D & J Sakaguchi Scholarship Fund

  • Dan & Pauline Lutkenhouse & Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Scholarship & Education Fund

  • David L. Irons Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Kenneth Makinney & David T. Pietsch Families Scholarship Fund
  • Deja Vu Surf Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Diamond Resort Scholarship Fund
  • Dolly Ching Scholarship Fund
  • Doris & Clarence Glick Classical Music Scholarship
  • Dr. & Mrs. Moon Park Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Edison & Sallie Miyawaki Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. William Masaru Shigekawa Scholarship Fund

  • E. E. Black Scholarship Fund

  • Edward J. & Norma Doty Scholarship Fund
  • Elena Albano Makaalohilohi Scholarship Fund

    “We have always tried to focus on the concept of aloha and giving opportunities to others.” said Paul Mancini, scholarship ambassador,
    donor, and Maui Leadership Council Member on why his family created the Elena Albano Makaalohilohi Scholarship Fund. Paul is shown here with scholarship recipient Kristin Gilchrist.

  • Ellen Hamada Scholarship Fund for Fashion Design & Sewing
  • Ellison Onizuka Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Elsie S. Yoshizawa Hotta Scholarship Fund
  • Esther Kanagawa Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
  • Eugenia Jacqueline Perry Fund
  • F. Koehnen Ltd. Scholarship Fund

  • Filipino Nurses’ Organization of Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Financial Women International Scholarship Fund
  • Fletcher & Fritzi Hoffmann Education Fund
  • Foodland Scholarship Fund
  • Frances Watanabe Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Frank H. Minato Scholarship Fund
  • G & J Furuta Scholarship Fund

  • Gail A. Perry Fund
  • Geoffrey Michael Chan Wing Au Scholarship Fund

  • George & Augusta Rapozo Kamaaina Scholarship Fund

  • George & Lucille Cushnie Scholarship Fund
  • George Mason Business Scholarship Fund
  • George S. Ishiyama Unicold Scholarship Fund
  • Gerrit R. Ludwig Scholarship Fund
  • German Benevolent Society of Honolulu Scholarship Fund

    The German Benevolent Society of Honolulu established a scholarship in October 2014.

    (L to R) Alexander Meimer, Treasurer; Kathleen Gartrell, Secretary; Robert Olstrem Jr., President; Skippy Sweet, Vice President; Edward Roy Cruikshank, Board Member.

  • Good Eats Scholarship Fund
  • Grace Pacific Outstanding Scholars Fund
  • Guy Marshall Scholarship Fund
  • Guy Toyama Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • H.C. Shipman Scholarship Fund

  • Hale Kauai Scholarship Fund in Memory of Samuel W. Wilcox II

  • Hannah Cochrane Fund
  • Haseko Training Fund
  • Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society Scholarship Fund

  • Hawaii Pizza Hut Scholarship Fund
  • Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship Fund

  • HEI Scholarship Program Fund
  • Henry A. Zuberano Scholarship Fund
  • Herbert & Ollie Brook Scholarship Fund
  • Hew/Shinn Scholarship Fund
  • Hideko & Zenzo Matsuyama Scholarship Fund
  • Hilo Chinese School Scholarship Fund
  • Hilton Grand Vacations Scholarship for the Asia Pacific Junior Cup Fund
  • Hooulu Scholarship Fund

    The late Dwayne “Nakila” Steele served as a member of the HCF Board of Governors and paved the way as a passionate philanthropist by creating two funds, the Nakila & Marti Steele Fund and the Dwayne & Marti Steele Fund. Today, the family’s legacy of giving continues with their children, (L to R) Rudy, Elizabeth Pualani and Aito Steele, creating the Ho‘oulu Scholarship Fund in 2014.

  • Hoku Scholarship Fund
  • Hokulani Hawaii Fund

  • Hokulia Foundation Scholarship Fund

  • Hokulia Scholarship Fund

  • Hon Chew Hee Scholarship Fund
  • Hoomaka Hou – A New Beginning Fund

  • Ian Doane Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Ichiro & Masako Hirata Scholarship
  • Isemoto Contracting Co., Ltd. Scholarship Fund
  • Janet Y. Sato Na Lima Paheona Scholarship Fund

  • Jean Erdman Scholarship Fund
  • Jean Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund
  • Jean Ileialoha Beniamina Scholarship for Niihau Students Fund

  • Jhung Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Johanna Drew Cluney Scholarship Fund
  • John & Anne Clifton Scholarship Fund
  • John Dawe Fund
  • Joseph & Alice Duarte Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • K.M. Hatano Scholarship Fund

  • Kaaawa Community Fund

  • Kaehu Scholarship Fund

  • Kahala Nui Residents Scholarship Fund
  • Kahiau Scholarship Fund
  • Kalihi Education Coalition Scholarship Fund
  • Kamp Scholarship Fund
  • Kapolei Business & Community Scholarship Fund
  • Kawasaki-McGaha Scholarship Fund
  • Kazuma & Ichiko Hisanaga Scholarship Fund
  • King Kekaulike High School Scholarship Fund
  • Ken Yamase Sportsmanship Scholarship Fund

  • Kohala Ditch Educational Fund
  • Koloa Scholarship Fund
  • Kolohe David Scholarship Fund
  • Korean University Club Scholarship Fund
  • Korean War Veterans Children’s Scholarship Fund
  • Kurt W. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Laura Jean Armstrong Fund

  • Laura N. Dowsett Fund
  • Laura Rowe Burdick Scholarship Fund
  • Lilian B. Reynolds Fund
  • Logan Nainoa Fujimoto Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Makia & Ann Malo Scholarship Fund

  • March Taylor Educational Fund
  • Margaret Follett Haskins (Hawaii) Scholarship Fund

  • Margaret Follett Haskins (Kansas) Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Follett Haskins (Maui) Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Jones Memorial Nursing Fund
  • Mary Bloder Scholarship Fund
  • Mitsuo Shito Public Housing Scholarship Fund
  • Moanalua High School Math Scholarship Fund
  • Neil Tepper Scholarship Fund

  • Nick Van Pernis Scholarship Fund
  • Oahu Filipino Community Council Golf Scholarship Fund

  • Oscar & Rosetta Fish Scholarship Fund
  • Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Paulina L. Sorg Scholarship Fund

  • Perry & Sally Sorenson Scholarship Fund
  • Peter R. Papworth Scholarship Fund
  • Philippine Cultural Foundation of Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Philippine Nurses Association of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • PRSA-Hawaii/Roy Leffingwell Public Relations Scholarship Fund

  • Ray Yoshida Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

  • Raymond F. Cain Scholarship Fund
  • Rich Meiers Health Administration Scholarship Fund
  • Richard Smart Scholarship Fund
  • Rise Up Scholarship Fund
  • Ritchie M. Gregory Fund
  • Robanna Fund
  • Robert & Peggy Tanaka Scholarship Fund
  • Robert Iwamoto Family Scholarship Fund
  • Robert Iwamoto Family Vocational Scholarship Fund
  • Ron Bright Scholarship Fund
  • Rosemary & Nellie Ebrie Fund
  • Roxanne Scott & Randall Omel Scholarship Fund

  • Safeway Foundation Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Sarah Rosenberg Scholarship Fund
  • Senator Richard M. & Dr. Ruth H. Matsuura Scholarship Fund
  • Shelley M. Williams, RPh Scholarship Fund
  • Shigeru & Toyoko Ichiki Fund
  • Shirley McKown Scholarship Fund
  • Shuichi, Katsu & Itsuyo Suga Scholarship Fund
  • Snipes-Meyer-Vorhies Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Sophie Y. Nonomura Fund
  • Stein Family Scholarship Fund

  • Takehiko Hasegawa Scholarship Fund

  • Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Scholarship Fund

  • Thelma Grace Hansen Fund
  • Thz Fo Farm Scholarship Fund
  • Times Supermarket Shop & Score Scholarship Fund
  • Tommy Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Tongan Cultural Association Scholarship Fund
  • Toraji & Toki Yoshinaga Scholarship Fund
  • Troy Barboza Education Fund
  • University of Redlands Hawaii Scholarship Fund

  • Vicki Willder Scholarship Fund

  • W.D. Uehara Family Scholarship Fund

  • Waimea High School Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund
  • Walt Dulaney & George Kon Scholarship Fund
  • Walter H. Kupau Memorial Fund
  • Will J. Henderson Scholarship Fund
  • William James & Dorothy B. Lanquist Fund
  • William Lew Scholarship Fund
  • Yasuko Mitsuyasu Scholarship Fund

  • Yoshi & Millie Ushijima Scholarship Fund

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  • Contract Services
  • Aiea General Hospital Association Scholarship Fund*

  • Atherton Family Foundation**
  • Bernice P. Irwin Trust*

  • Cooke Foundation, Ltd.

  • Dr. Alvin & Monica Saake Foundation*

  • Dr. Hans & Clara Davis Zimmerman Foundation*
  • Eizo & Toyo Sakumoto Trust*

  • Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation

    “Being part of a family foundation, I think often about the people who crafted this lasting gift when they formed it more than 100 years ago. As a trustee, it’s an honor to be a part of their incredible legacy of continuous giving. HCF helps us by keeping our long-standing family foundation compliant with the IRS and providing services to us with discretion, knowledge and integrity.”
    Effie Ort, Trustee for the Fred Baldwin Foundation, administered by HCF.

  • Frost Family Foundation
  • Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation*

  • Gear Up Hawaii Scholarship Fund*

  • Gear Up Tuition Assistance Trust*
  • George F. Straub Trust
  • Gertrude S. Straub Trust*
  • Hawaii Veterans Memorial Fund*

  • Haumea Foundation*
  • Ida M. Pope Trust*

  • Jean Epstein Foundation*

  • Kaiulani Home for Girls Trust*

  • Kaneta Foundation**

  • Mildred Towle Scholarship Trust*

  • Office of Hawaiian Affairs*

  • The Seto Foundation
  • Victoria S. & Bradley L. Geist Foundation**

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Some funds at the Hawaii Community Foundation have advisory committees made up of thoughtful community leaders who provide their expertise to support the Board of Governors with grantmaking.


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  • Stacey Leong Mills
  • Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund
  • Nancy J. Budd
  • Samuel W. Pratt
  • Bernadette Sakoda
  • Bernice & Conrad von Hamm Fund
  • Meleen L. Pang Corenevsky
  • C. Michael Heihre
  • Cecil G. Marshall Fund
  • Charles R. Kelley
  • Elizabeth Kelley
  • Estelle M. Kelley
  • Connecting for Success Review Committee
  • Lillian Coltin
  • Janice Espiritu
  • Karen Lee
  • Camille Masutomi
  • Lynn Meguro-Reich
  • Jean Nakasato
  • Cathy Y. Ross
  • Jennifer Ryan
  • Christina Tydeman
  • Adele Wada
  • Community Restoration Partnership
  • Scott Bloom
  • Eric Co
  • Frazer McGilvray
  • Kara Miller
  • Jason Philibotte
  • Brooks Takenaka
  • Lani Watson
  • Paul Weissman
  • Kelii Wilson

  • Doc Buyers Fund
  • Rebecca Buyers
  • Jane Buyers-Russo
  • Sara V. Diehl
  • Alexander Viehman
  • Elsie Buyers Viehman
  • East Hawaii Fund
  • Roberta Chu
  • Carol Ignacio
  • Brian M. Iwata
  • Fred J. Koehnen
  • Peter Kubota
  • Alan Okamoto
  • Elena Albano Makaalohilohi Scholarship Fund
  • Liana M. Horovitz
  • Lee Stein
  • Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund
  • George S. Brosky
  • Alfred H. Hee
  • Walter S. Kirimitsu
  • Ewa Beach Community Fund
  • Lisa Enanoria
  • Mark Kennedy
  • Rowena Martinez
  • Paul T. Oshiro
  • Dennise Parish
  • Rodolfo Ramos
  • Tim Tucker
  • Family Literacy
  • Leanne Aken
  • Leah Allen, Ex-Officio
  • Solomon Kaulukukui, Jr.
  • Katherine T. Kawaguchi
  • Gordon Miyamoto
  • Deborah Miyao
  • Richard Palma
  • Andreas Wiegand
  • Delwyn H. Wong
  • First Wind Community Fund
  • Denise E. Antolini
  • Donna Lindsey
  • Kathleen M. Pahinui
  • Junior Primacio
  • Carolyn Unser
  • Gerrit R. Ludwig Scholarship Fund
  • Brian M. Iwata
  • Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund Advisory Board
  • Gail Breakey
  • Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland
  • Nanci Kreidman
  • Danette Wong Tomiyasu
  • Sylvia Y. Yuen
  • Hoomaka Hou – A New Beginning Fund
  • Georgianna M. DeCosta
  • Karen K. White
  • Philip White
  • HTA Hawaiian Culture Advisory Council
  • Caroline Anderson
  • Naalehu Anthony

  • Kainoa Daines
  • Leona Mapuana Kalima
  • Cheryl L. Kauhane-Lupenui

  • Debbie Nakanelua-Richards
  • Michael Story
  • Kelii Wilson

  • HTA Natural Resources Advisory Group
  • Caroline Anderson
  • Mark Fox
  • Annette Kaohelaulii

  • Vincent R. Shigekuni
  • Michael Story
  • T. Aulani Wilhelm

  • Kelii Wilson

  • Jean Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund
  • Mimi Kennell
  • Marilyn Kiner
  • Masu Kusume Dyer
  • Judy Moody
  • Barry Nakasone
  • Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund
  • Ken Aronowitz
  • Steven Guttman
  • Linda S. Martell
  • Alice Tucker
  • Jessie D. Kay Memorial Fund
  • Frank C. Atherton
  • Jan Lai
  • Ka Papa O Kakuhihewa Fund
  • William Aila
  • Fred Dodge
  • Josiah Hoohuli
  • Georgette “Jo” Jordan
  • Shad Kane
  • Cynthia Rezentes
  • Ron Schaedel
  • George Yamamoto
  • Karen Young
  • Kahuku Community Fund
  • DeeDee Letts
  • Leslie Llanos
  • Kerry Moeai

  • Maria R. Pacheco
  • Kauai Aloha Endowment Fund
  • Barbara Curl
  • Laurie Ho
  • Margaret Parker
  • Kay Edwards Memorial Charitable Trust
  • Kate Acks
  • Michael de la Cruz
  • Elizabeth A. Ivey
  • Wayne Watkins
  • King Kekaulike High School Scholarship
  • Loren Ayresman
  • Cindy Koichi-Asato
  • Jan M. Matsushita
  • Kukio Community Fund
  • Benjamin Garfinkle
  • Sally Hartman
  • A. Grant Heidrich
  • Andrea McTamaney
  • Hannah K. Springer
  • Danielle White
  • Ross Wilson, Jr.
  • Dawn Zierk
  • Kurt W. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ernest Magaoay
  • Pierce Myers
  • Tammy Sanches
  • Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund
  • Kaili Chun

  • Duncan Dempster
  • Carol Doran-Khewhok
  • Robert S. Katz
  • Cade Roster
  • Waileia Roster
  • Cecily Wong
  • Lanai Community Benefit Fund
  • Mary R. Charles
  • Lisa Grove
  • Wayne Ishizaki
  • MaryLou Kaukeano
  • Pierce Myers
  • Douglas L. Stephenson
  • Roderick Sumagit
  • Leahi Fund to Treat & Prevent Pulmonary Disease
  • David Easa, M.D.
  • Reid Ikeda, M.D.
  • James Lumeng, M.D.
  • Kenneth Nakamura, M.D.
  • Laurence Rotkin, M.D.
  • Elizabeth K. Tam, M.D.
  • Brian Wu, M.D.
  • Mary Bloder Scholarship Fund
  • Eric Balinbin
  • Steven Cornell
  • Emily Decosta
  • Tiffany Kuban
  • Maui Quarantine Fund
  • Richard Cameron
  • Myles Kawakami
  • Steven S. Knight
  • Nelson Okumura
  • Pamela Tumpap
  • Medical Research
  • Heinz G. de Couet, Ph.D.
  • Andrea Fleig, Ph.D.
  • Peter R. Hoffmann, Ph.D.
  • Kristin K. Kumashiro, Ph.D.
  • Olivier Le Saux, Ph.D.
  • Michelle L. Matter, Ph.D.
  • Marjorie K. Mau, M.D.
  • Alika K. Maunakea, Ph.D.
  • Vivek R. Nerurkar, Ph.D.
  • Robert A. Nichols, Ph.D.
  • Ralph V. Shohet, M.D.
  • Helen Turner, Ph.D.
  • Saguna Verma, Ph.D.
  • William Steven Ward, Ph.D.
  • Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund
  • Marjorie M. Higa-Funai
  • Dennis Kodama
  • Noella Kong
  • Grant Lee
  • Sada Okumura
  • Heather N. Williams
  • THINK Fund

    In October 2014, the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) International Observatory Corporation established the THINK (The Hawai‘i Island New Knowledge) Fund at HCF to provide community grants and scholarships to better prepare Hawai‘i Island students to pursue STEM- (science, technology, engineering, and math) related professions.

    Advisory Committee members of THINK Fund at HCF (L to R) are Roberta Chu, Laurie Ainslie, Barry Taniguchi, Mary Correa, Doug Simons, Thomas Ka‘eo Duarte, Hiapo Perreira.

  • Laurie T. Ainslie
  • Roberta Chu
  • Mary Correa
  • Thomas Kaeo Duarte

  • Hiapo Perreira
  • Douglas Simons
  • Barry K. Taniguchi
  • West Hawaii Fund
  • Georgine L. Busch
  • Ikaika Hauanio
  • Kawehi Inaba
  • Barbara Kildow
  • Alison J. Leong
  • John Roth
  • Sonny Shimaoka

Stewards of the Community

HCF’s capacity to serve the community is tied directly to its ability to preserve and enhance the financial assets it stewards. Towards this end, an Investment Review Committee, comprised of directors who are knowledgeable in investment and financial matters with the assistance of an independent investment monitor and HCF staff, oversees HCF’s investment activities. By declaration of trust, HCF manages active relationships with three local banks. HCF also utilizes several other investment firms whose strategy is consistent with its investment policy.

Our Ohana

HCF’s ohana is made up of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable
individuals who create long-term change in Hawaii.

2015 Board of Governors

The Board of Governors establishes policy, sets organization-wide priorities and program strategies, and ensures that the financial stewardship and operations of the Hawaii Community Foundation are conducted with integrity and accountability.

We wish to thank our Board of Governors for its insight and leadership during the year, bid aloha to governors Gary Caulfield, Barry Taniguchi and James Wei, and are pleased to welcome new governors Alan Arizumi, Roberta F. Chu and Elliot Mills.

Deborah K. Berger



The Learning Coalition

Paul Kosasa

Vice Chair

President & CEO

ABC Stores

Jennifer Sabas



The Daniel K. Inouye Institute Fund

Eric K. Yeaman


President & CEO

Hawaiian Telecom

Alan H. Arizumi

Vice Chairman

First Hawaiian Bank

Robert R. Bean

President & CEO (Retired)

Alert Holdings Group, Inc.

Mary G. Bitterman


The Bernhard Osher Foundation

Michael Broderick

President & CEO

YMCA of Honolulu

Roberta Chu

Sr. Vice President

Bank of Hawaii

Kimberly W. Dey

Vice President

Charles B. Wang international Foundation

Elizabeth Rice Grossman


The Grossman Charitable Foundation

Richard W. Gushman, II


DGM Group, Inc.

Robert S. Harrison

President & CEO

First Hawaiian Bank

Honey Bun Haynes

Community Volunteer

Peter Ho

Chairman, President & CEO

Bank of Hawaii

Tyrie Lee Jenkins, MD


Jenkins Eye Care

Micah A. Kane


Kamehameha Schools

Cathy Luke


Loyalty Enterprises, Ltd.

Elliot K. Mills

Vice President & General Manager

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Katherine G. Richardson

Community Volunteer

2015 Neighbor Island Leadership Councils

Leadership Councils help Neighbor Island staff further the Hawaii Community Foundation’s mission. These community-minded volunteers open doors to form new partnerships and provide advice on issues relevant to their respective islands.

Hawaii Island

Brian M. Iwata


Nancy Cabral

Roberta Chu

John De Fries

David B. Kaapu

Laura Mallery-Sayre

Alan Okamoto

Dale Suezaki

Lynn White


Katherine G. Richardson


Paul Horner

Charles G. King


Joy Miura Koerte

Michael J. Murakoshi

Gregg Takara

Sonia Topenio

Maui County

Honey Bun Haynes


Tamar Chotzen Goodfellow

Robert Kawahara

Kristina E. Lyons Lambert

Paul Mancini

R. Clay Sutherland

Glenn Yamasaki

2015 Scholarship Ambassadors

Volunteer scholarship ambassadors have the difficult task of reviewing and making recommendations for scholarship awards for over 200 funds. Made up of community members, educators and past scholarship recipients, these dedicated volunteers truly understand the impact that education can have on an individual’s future.

Hawaii Island

  • Pomai Bertelman

  • Jason Fujimoto

  • Rod Hinman

  • David B. Kaapu

  • Jimi-Jean Kalaniopio

  • Kaiu Kimura

  • Randy Kurohara

  • Donna Payesko

  • Lynn White

  • Stacey Williams

  • Jerel I. Yamamoto


  • Ellen Ching

  • Esther Kawakami-Williams

  • Robin Pratt

  • Sonia Topenio

  • Yolanda Yee

Maui County

  • Sheila Haynes

  • Bradford Ing

  • Joan Martin

  • Frances “Effie” Ort

  • Jill Schatz

  • Colleen Sotomura Mayeda


  • Noelehua Archambault

  • Bert I. Ayabe

  • Gae Bergquist Trommald

  • John M. Bravender

  • Lisa Bravender

  • Christine Camp

  • Janice Casey

  • Paul Casey

  • Mary R. Charles

  • Camille Chun-Hoon

  • Curt DeWeese

  • Lori Eldridge

  • Debbie Halbert

  • Anne Harpham

  • Michelle Ho

  • Elizabeth Ignacio

  • Mathew Ing

  • Kim Coco Iwamoto

  • Melissa Jackson

  • Alice J. Kawakami

  • Gerald Keir

  • Charles R. Kelley

  • Jennifer Kelley

  • Elizabeth Kent

  • Suzi Kiss

  • Julie Krucky

  • Barbara Kuljis

  • Jodi A. Lam

  • Carol Mon Lee

  • Cheryl Leialoha

  • Richard Li

  • Glee Logsdon

  • Andrea McTamaney

  • Claire Miyasato

  • Colin Moore

  • Alana K. Pakkala

  • Sarah Razee

  • Greg Sakamoto

  • Amy E. Sato

  • Tetine Sentell

  • Nate Smith

  • Tonia Smith

  • John Stepulis

  • Ruth Stepulis

  • Anne Swayne Keir

  • Cynthia Takenaka

  • Janice H. Taketa

  • Peter Tomozawa

  • Carrie Walter

  • Lynn M. Watanabe

  • Julie T. Watumull

  • Marlene Young

Hawaii Community Foundation Staff

  • Robert Abad

    Senior Accountant

  • Jana Alamillo

    Executive Assistant to V.P. of Communications

  • Marc Alexander

    Program Director

  • Chris Archambault

    Web Solutions Senior Officer

  • Kawena Beaupre

    Gifts & Compliance Director & Associate General Councel

  • Diane Uilani Chadwick

    Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Hawaii Island

  • Amy Chamberlain

    Senior Program Assistant Omidyar Initiatives

  • Wally Chin

    VP & Chief Financial Officer

  • Lydia Clements

    Director of Philanthropy Advancement

  • L. Chips DaMate

    Events Coordinator

  • Joseph Duax

    Senior Program Assistant

  • Ipo Ehia

    Funds Assistant

  • Jaedine Ehia

    Senior Scholarship Associate

  • Cecilia Fong

    Program Officer

  • Pam Funai

    Senior Philanthropic Services Program Officer

  • Carla Fujimoto

    Senior Scholarship Assistant

  • Tess Dela Rama

    Front Office Administrator

  • Cindy Garcia

    Knowledge & Learning Associate

  • Jennifer Grimm

    Program Officer

  • Martha Hanson

    Associate Director of Philanthropy Advancement

  • Ken Hasegawa

    Senior Scholarship Administrator

  • Licia Hill

    Executive Assistant to the VP of Philanthropic Services

  • Marlene Hochuli

    Philanthropic Services Assistant Hawai‘i Island

  • Catherine Howland

    Senior Communications Officer

  • Stephen Hwang

    Communications Assistant

  • Robbie Ann Kane

    Director of Programs Omidyar Initiatives

  • Cheryl Kaneshiro

    Knowledge Management Specialist

  • Paul Keenan

    Vice President of Philanthropy & Advancement

  • Tom Kelly

    Vice President of Knowledge, Evaluation and Learning

  • Larissa Kick

    Program Officer

  • Kayla Kuboyama

    Scholarship Associate

  • Beth Kuch

    Senior Communications Officer Omidyar Initiatives

  • Eric Laa

    Scholarships Officer

  • Amy Luersen

    Director of Philanthropic Services

  • Susan Maltezo

    Senior Grants Manager

  • Lynelle Marble

    Associate Director of Communications

  • Uri Martos

    Philanthropic Services Assistant – Kauai

  • Joe Martyak

    Vice President of Communications

  • Tom Matsuda

    Program Director

  • Cara Mazzei

    Senior Development Officer

  • Piikea Miller

    Director of Programs

  • Caroline Miyashiro

    Senior Program Assistant

  • Tammi Oyadomari-Chun

    Vice President of Programs

  • Nicki Ozaki

    Philanthropic Services Assistant

  • Luis Pascual

    System Architect

  • Kevin Rapp

    Client Support Officer

  • Deborah Rice

    Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Maui County

  • Lisa Rodrigues

    Executive Assistant to the VP of Programs

  • Gloria Roumar

    Administrative Support Coordinator

  • Curtis Saiki

    Vice President of Philanthropy & General Counsel

  • Tina Santos

    Executive Assistant to the VP of Philanthropy & General Counsel

  • Terry Savage

    Philanthropic Services Program Officer

  • Myles Shibata

    Vice President of Philanthropic Services

  • Lynn Shimono



    Program Assistant

  • Lauren Sons

    Program Assistant Environmental & Sustainability

  • Josh Stanbro

    Program Director Environment & Sustainability

  • Linda Takehara

    Accounting Assistant

  • Kelvin Taketa

    President & CEO

  • Lorraine Tamaribuchi

    Director of Family Philanthropy

  • Chris van Bergeijk

    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Joanne Watase-Yang

    Program Associate

  • Hannah Werth

    Senior Philanthropic Services Associate – Maui County

  • Liesl Woo

    Philanthropic Services Assistant

  • Christel Wuerfel

    Senior Philanthropic Services Assistant

  • Kawehi Yim

    Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

  • Lia Young

    Senior Accountant

  • Darcie Yukimura

    Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Kauai

Contact Us

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This report is a “thank you” to all the individuals, families and businesses that partner with HCF to deliver lasting impact in our community. Our goal is to deliver their stories with the highest quality and in the most cost-effective way so that we continue to maximize our resources to help our island home.

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We recognize the significance of diacritical markings in written Hawaiian as pronunciation guides, but have opted not to use them on the HCF Annual Report website since they display inconsistently across various computer platforms/browsers.

Consult these sources for correct Hawaiian spelling: Hawaiian Dictionary, Revised and Enlarged Edition, by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert (UH Press) and Place Names of Hawaii, Revised and Expanded Edition, by Mary Kawena Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert and Esther T. Mookini (UH Press).

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