My parents and grandparents instilled in us this need to give back.

Kathy Richardson’s parents established the first HCF donor advised fund on Kaua‘i. She carries on their legacy of giving through her support of many organizations, including Island School, where she has gotten to know many of the children, including the kindergarten class pictured here.

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When you are the descendant of four Missionary families, as Kathy Richardson is, philanthropy is in your bones. “I was raised to do this. I watched my grandparents and my parents work in the community and could see how happy it made them.” The influence of Kathy’s relatives—the Whitney and Rice families on her father’s side; the Lyman and Wilcox families on her mother’s side—can be seen throughout Kauai in the institutions they helped shape: YWCA of Kauai, Waioli Mission House, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Island School, Grove Farm Homestead, and others.

During the time her mother was on HCF’s Kauai Leadership Council (where Kathy currently serves as chair), she established the Goodale Family Fund, the first donor advised fund on Kaua‘i. Years later, Kathy and her father set up a second fund, the Nancy Sloggett Goodale Fund, to honor her mother’s good work and fine example. “It’s pretty special to see the impact these two funds are having in the community,” observes Kathy.

“If it weren’t for HCF, my parents’ legacy would not live on.”

The giving legacy clearly lives on in Kathy Richardson, who describes her life as “working full time and volunteering full time.” She is energized by community service, and recruits others with her enthusiasm: “Give people the chance to become involved in a nonprofit and you’ll see … they’ll feel good about it and want to do even more!”

HCF is currently the trusted steward for more than 200 donor advised funds across the state.

“It’s just a no-brainer. With a donor advised fund, you get to advise where and when to give grants, and HCF does all the work!”