With HCF’s help, we can leverage every dollar that goes out into the community.

One of the ways Paul Kosasa decided to invest in Hawaii’s future was to become a funding partner on an HCF program called Connecting for Success, which targets high-need students from 10 public middle schools, including some from Stevenson, pictured here.

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Paul Kosasa inherited more than just the family business from his parents, Minnie and Sidney, who opened the first ABC Store in Waikiki in 1964. “They instilled in me the responsibility to give back to the community and showed me the joy that comes from giving.”

He also credits fellow members of the Hawaii Community Foundation Board of Governors for inspiring him. “In the 19 years I’ve been on the board, I’ve learned so much about the impact of philanthropy from people like Sam Cooke and Dwayne Steele, and from many of today’s leaders, too.”

While Paul is quick to credit others, there are many people he himself has inspired. Many nonprofits and causes in Hawaii benefit from the seven funds the Kosasa family established at HCF. Among the causes they support are those that fall under Pathways to Resilient Communities, a multi-part initiative focused on helping struggling middle school students, families on the brink of homelessness, and vulnerable kupuna.

“HCF’s experience with hundreds of nonprofits has exposed me to so many different challenges in our islands.”

For Kosasa, the decision to become a funding partner is based on the value HCF can bring to his philanthropy: “I look to HCF for help in identifying the highest priorities for the community and in leveraging every dollar that goes out,” he explains.

“They’ve helped me understand the real value of giving and measure the outcomes of my gifts.”

Whether it’s a small grant that makes a big difference to one family, or a pool of funds being leveraged to tackle tough issues, Paul Kosasa is carrying on the proud legacy of his parents to make the community a better place … and inspiring others along the way.

HCF creates partnerships to tackle tough problems. The Kosasa Family Fund is one of 15 funders collaborating to address family homelessness and improve outcomes for high-need youth.